GCC Presents: Comedian Joe Wong and Talkshow Host Yang Lan

Dear members,
Tufts GCC invited famous Chinese-American comedian Joe Wong (黄西) to perform on Monday, October 22nd. In attendance as a distinguished guest was Yang Lan (杨澜), a prominent Chinese talkshow host and businesswoman who came to the US to shoot a segment of her show on Joe. Joe, with the support of MIT浮云社, entertained a crowd of over 100 Chinese students. We also had the wonderful opportunity to speak and take photos with both Joe and Yang Lan at the end of the event.
Tufts GCC E-Board

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New Leadership Team 2012-13

We are proud to introduce the new Tufts GCC E-board, 2012-13!

Yihao Li ’14

Ben Wang ’14

Daphne Wu ’15

Director of Finance and Administration:
Jonathan Lee ’15

Director of China Relations:
Ray Xiao ’15

Director of US Relations:
Katie Cromer ’15

Director of Media and Communications:
Yunan Zhang ’15

We look forward to an exciting year ahead!
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Welcome to GCC!

Dear members of Tufts Global China Connection,
  First of all, we would like to welcome our new members to the GCC community. Thank you for signing up with us, and we look forward to a wonderful, successful year with all of you.
  If you missed out on the GIM and would like to find out more on what we’re all about, you can download our powerpoint presentation at this link: https://hotfile.com/dl/171652827/6fee8bf/GIM_NEW_(1)-1.pptx.html
  Also, for those of you who were not at the GIM but are interested in joining the e-board, please reply to tufts.gcc@gmail.com, and we will forward you the application and further information. We welcome freshman applicants. Feel free also to send over any questions if you have any hesitations about our organization or applying to the e-board.
  Our first event of the year will be attending the Harvard GCC 2012 conference, “Doing Business in China.” The conference will take place September 29th, and to go there you will need to submit an application on September 23rd. If you do apply, please also let us know via email at this address so that we can all go together as a group. It’s a wonderful chance to meet people from all over the GCC network, so don’t miss out! The link to the conference and application is here: http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~hgcc/fall-conference-2012.
  Hopefully we’re not throwing out too much information, and we wish you will get to meet a lot of exciting new people via our platform throughout this year.
Tufts GCC E-board


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Pictures from Crash Course: Bo Xilai

Thank you all for an incredible turn out at our Crash Course event, which draws a successful close to our year with GCC.

Thank you, too, to Professor Fewsmith for an incredible lecture, and for the Director’s Leadership Council for your co-sponsorship.

Here are some belated photos, and we hope for your continued support next year!

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Crash Course: China’s Elite Politics and the Bo Xilai Scandal

Tufts GCC is tremendously excited to host our second lecture event of the year, in conjunction with the Director’s Leadership Council of the International Relations Program.

Described by The Economist as having “plot twists worthy of a Chinese version of Macbeth,” the recent saga of China’s dismissal of politician Bo Xilai has already captured headlines world-wide. A member of China’s entitled “princelings,” Bo was seen as a rising star in the Communist Party’s Politburo. As the Party Chief of Chongqing City, he instituted a series of controversial policies that arrested gang members and revived songs from the Cultural Revolution. Last month, Bo was abruptly removed from his position, shortly after the sensational arrest of his police chief and ahead of the once-a-decade leadership transition later this year. Moreover, his wife has been implicated in the murder last year of a British expat in China.

We invite you to join us in a lecture/discussion with Dr. Joseph Fewsmith, Professor of International Relations and Director of the Center for the Study of Asia at Boston University, to learn more about this dramatic series of events. Professor Fewsmith is a long time observer of Chinese elite politics, and was this week featured on the Wall Street Journal discussing the sacking of Bo Xilai.

The lecture will take place at 6:30p.m. in the Terrace Room, Paige Hall (at the end of the Memorial Steps)on Tuesday, April 17. Light Chinese food will be served.

DISCLAIMER: This is an academic event intended to help students learn more about evolving current events in China. Any political opinions expressed by persons at the event are of their own and not endorsed by Tufts University or Global China Connection.

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[HAPPENING NOW] Watch Tufts GCC’s China-US Symposium live-streamed online

Link: http://rrurl.cn/cSF2cQ

For symposium schedule and a list of speakers and panels, please visit www.ChinaUSsymposium.comImage


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Updates on China-U.S. Symposium

Dear members of Tufts GCC,

We’s like to update you on the progress the Symposium planning team has made so far. We are excited to share that we have 9 confirmed speakers as of Jan 26. They are:

-William A. Reinsch, Chairman of U.S-China Economic and Security Review Commission (Congress)

-Ambassador J. Roy Stapleton, Director of the Kissinger Institute for Chinese-US Studies at Woodrow Wilson International Center

-William Kirby, Director of Harvard Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies

-Shuisheng Zhao, Executive Director of the Center for China-US Cooperation, University of Denver

-Jamie Horsley, Deputy Director of the China Law Center and Lecturer in law at Yale Law School

-Sharon Hom, Human Rights in China

-Professor Lee, the Fletcher School

-Margaret Woo, Professor of law at Northeastern

-Michael Beckley, Belfer Center Harvard Research Fellow

We will continue to keep you posted with our progress! Please visit our official Symposium website for more info.



Tufts GCC E-Board

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